Bitcoin Miners' FTX Contagion Exposure May Amplify Industry Pain – CoinDesk

Bitcoin Miners’ FTX Contagion Exposure May Amplify Industry Pain  CoinDesk Bitcoin miners had a rough November, but does the future bring hope?  Proactive Investors UK Bitcoin Hashrate Continues Sharp Plunge As Miners Give Up |  Bitcoinist The Hashrate Omen: Bitcoin Miners Are Using Less Computing Power  CoinDesk Data Shows There’s No Profits Left for Bitcoin Miners That Can’t … Read more

Samsung, LG Phones Vulnerable Due to Leaked Certificates, Google Finds

Google’s Android Partner Vulnerability Initiative, in a major security leak admission, has disclosed a new key vulnerability that has affected Android smartphones from major brands such as Samsung and LG, among others. Due to the leaking of the signing keys used by Android OEMs, imposter apps or malware could disguise themselves as “trusted” apps. The … Read more

Award-Winning Kenyan Scientist Hired by Tech Giants Mozilla

Tech giant Mozilla, on Thursday, December 1, hired Chao Mbogho as its community fellow to drive its Computer Science Challenge’s expansion into Kenya. Mozilla launched the challenge in 2018 to support professors in higher education who integrate ethics into computer science curricula.  In August 2022, it detailed that the challenge would expand to Kenya and … Read more

Humans and machines learning new approaches to supply-chain resiliency

Amazon Web Services recently launched AWS Supply Chain, a new cloud application that promises to improve supply chain visibility and deliver actionable insights to mitigate supply chain risks, lower costs, and improve customer experiences. Bold claims. We wanted to learn more, so we connected with Diego Pantoja-Navajas, vice president, AWS Supply Chain with Amazon Web Services. … Read more