You can invest in PvP International, the web’s first true online hub for gamers – new investments close April 8


The strong upstart preys on both players and backers as they take their place in the gaming landscape.


Twitch is home to over 140 million monthly active users, live streaming all of their gaming action for the world to see. It’s great for streaming, but if you want to engage with other gamers or really dig in and chat about the gaming world, the Twitch app is just too basic and limited to be a proper social hub.

Meanwhile, Facebook has many gaming sub-communities, but few live games and other gaming-centric features that true enthusiasts of the hobby demand. Heck, you even have to play and interact entirely under your own boring name. For decades, there was never a real web hub catering directly to gamers – until PvP International.

After a radically successful beta launch, the exploding new social hive is welcoming new members in droves and actively recruiting new investors who see the earning potential in a community of rabid gamers to get their game on 24/7/365.

PvP promises to be the new ground zero of gaming action for fans of many of today’s most popular online multiplayer titles. It’s a positive environment where players can create and coordinate with friends, show off their digital achievements, and play over 60 different titles, whether they’re on console or PC, Xbox or PlayStation.

The cornerstone of the PvP experience begins with their innovative Squad Finder feature. After creating a profile, Squad Finder users begin to engage, opening a lobby to chat with other fans. Players can invite friends to join their team or join a handful of other teams in one of the dozens of games offered in PvP.

While the ability to share live streams and play against competitors from around the world is a huge draw, PvP International really stands out with an assortment of features to help players connect and really make a name for themselves on the platform.

Profiles are adorned with top-notch gaming achievements, including video highlights. Promote this gaming glory through engagement and grow an audience inside the platform.

Meanwhile, Squad Finder’s unique algorithm does its own matchmaking, allowing players to pair up with other players that match their interests and skill levels well.

As gamers begin to congregate under the PvP banner, the company is also calling on interested investors to enter a new destination space for the world’s most expansive entertainment community at the start. With organic growth of nearly 700% in 2021 and projections of over 2 million active users by 2023, PvP organizers predict revenue reaching $100 million in 2024.

For as little as $500, investors can buy now (hurry, new investments end April 8!) and buy common stock in PvP, joining a crowdfunding campaign that has already generated over $2 million. dollars of new investments.

Prices are subject to change.

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