Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Preorders Go Live Today

Today is October 19, which means online and in-store pre-orders for the highly anticipated Xbox Series X mini-fridge are about to begin.

Target is the official retailer of cool collectibles in the United States and will take orders today both in physical stores and on Target’s official website. A product page for the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge is not yet available on the Target website, but it should appear on this page once it goes live.

Canadian Xbox fans will be able to pre-order the Xbox Series X mini-fridge from the official Xbox Gear store, although it is not clear if these pre-orders will go live today with the United States. However, pre-orders in the US and Canada will ship in December.

Pre-orders in the UK will be available via GAME, in France, Germany, Italy and Ireland via Game Stop EU, and in France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Poland via Tonyk. Micromania will also take orders in France.

It should be noted that while the stores above are the official partners, pre-orders will likely start showing through other retailers as well.

There is currently no word on Australia, New Zealand, and other regions, but Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox Series X mini-fridge will launch in more countries in 2022.

The Xbox Series X Mini Refrigerator started out as an internet meme that didn’t care that Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X console looked like a refrigerator in a way. Demand for the product quickly started in earnest, which allowed Microsoft to ramp up production of a fully functional Xbox Series X mini-fridge, which is a 1: 1 scale replica of the Xbox Series. X and even includes Xbox light and sound effects.

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