Xbox Cloud Gaming beta is now on PC for Insiders

By Sherif Saed
August 10, 2021 11:19 GMT

Xbox Cloud Gaming is finally running natively on PC.

Microsoft has officially released the Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) beta on PC. The beta is available through the Xbox app on Windows and runs in 22 countries.

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You need an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership, but you also need to be an insider. This is kind of an extension of the beta from back in April, where xCloud was available on PCs through web browsers.

Using the Xbox app would be the better option as PC players already use it to download and manage Game Pass games. There is now a cloud games button to launch all supported games.

Microsoft has also updated the beta with new network health indicators and controller support information. Social features have also been expanded to support invites so that players of the cloud versions of games can join their friends who have installed the games.

look at the Cloud Gaming website if you want to join.

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