Woman divides internet by sharing avocado cafe trick on TikTok

A woman has divided her TikTok followers over a cafe trick intended to save customers cash.

Milly Rose Bannister told others to bring their own avocado when eating out and “thank her later”.

In the clip, the Sydneysider is shown producing an avocado from a shopping bag, slicing it up and spreading it between scrambled eggs and toast, bought at the cafe.

The hack is intended to save customers from adding avocados to their meal order at cafes, an extra that can cost up to $6.

Plentiful supply has seen the seasonal fruit’s price in Australian supermarkets slashed to as little as $1 each.

Milly said the move had already saved her more than $180.

However, hospitality workers were quick to slam Milly’s budgeting trick and said she should instead support the venues.

“Times are tough and the moment so please support businesses,” one user wrote.

“If you can’t afford to eat there, don’t go,” another quipped.

“I was a waitress for five years and this is so embarrassing.”

But Milly was adamant buying other items was support enough for the businesses she frequented.

“I think it’s better to spend $14 at a cafe than to spend $0 – and I hate sitting at home and cooking my own eggs,” she said.

Others also understood her stance and said the cafe’s price mark up was too high.

“This cafe is charging too much to add avocado; don’t understand how it’s ‘embarrassing’ to still want to enjoy eating out but not get ripped off,” another user said

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