With iOS 15.4.1, Apple solves a major iPhone battery problem

iPhone users (along with regular readers) will know that poor battery life is one of the smartphone’s biggest weaknesses. Sure, spend more on a bigger iPhone (the Pro or Pro Max) and you’ll get a bigger battery, but even this isn’t enough to satisfy users who live with an iPhone stuck to their hand.

Add to that the fact that iOS updates can have a major impact on battery life. Some updates give the battery life a big boost; others take it away.

More often than not, users complain that iOS updates reduce battery life. Sometimes this is real; sometimes it’s just a result of installing a new OS and users don’t give the platform time to stabilize.

And it looks like there was a problem with the iOS 15.4 update. Apple admits it in the release notes for iOS 15.4.1:

  • Battery may drain faster than expected after updating to iOS 15.4
  • Braille devices may stop responding while navigating text or displaying an alert
  • Made for iPhone hearing aids may lose connection in some third-party apps

I was curious about that battery drain solution because to me it felt like iOS 15.4 was a real improvement over the previous release. I’ve confirmed that this battery boost will also be seen on other iPhone models, from iPhone X to iPhone 12.

However, my testing of iOS 15.4.1 shows a significant increase in battery life. Up to 30 minutes on my iPhone 13 Pro Max.

That’s a significant increase, so it looks like iOS 15.4.1 is bringing a decent fix. I’m not sure how much of this issue was introduced with iOS 15.4 and how much of it was “dead by a thousand cuts” over time with all the different iOS 15 updates.

The tests I’ve done seem to suggest that Apple has significantly improved the iPhone’s standby time, and that this update allows the iPhone to use less battery when not doing much, as opposed to greater efficiency when pushed hard. is printed.

This may explain why battery tests I’ve seen with heavy loads on the iPhone don’t show much improvement.

Be that as it may, it looks like Apple has patched a pretty big battery leak with this update.

Do you need to install it? Well, I’d only install it for the battery boost, but the security fix for a vulnerability that Apple claims has been “actively exploited” turns this update from a “nice to have” to a must-have.”

To update your iPhone or iPad, tap Institutions and go General > Software Update

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