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Tired of digging through your settings and control panel to access your backup tools or change your system clock? Like previous versions of Windows, the Windows 11 operating system has a secret “god mode” that gives you a desktop shortcut to over 260 management settings.

Windows God Mode, officially called “Main Control Panel,” made its debut with Windows 7. Although God Mode does not add any new controls to your PC, it does give you instant access to management settings, which are all organized into simple categories and accompanied by a search function.

How to activate God Mode on Windows 11

Enabling God Mode on Windows 11 is straightforward. In reality, How to dokGod Mode’s detailed guide will help you set it up on any version of Windows (except Vista and earlier versions). But for those who don’t feel like reading a step-by-step guide, here’s how to set up God Mode easily and quickly.

Using an account with administrator privileges, right click on your desktop, hover over “New Item” and select “Folder”. An empty folder icon should appear on your desktop.

Right click on this folder, click “Rename” and paste this string of crazy nonsense into the highlighted text field.


Press Enter after renaming the empty folder. It should turn into a Control Panel icon with the name God Mode. Double click this icon to display the “Main Control Panel” and start changing your PC settings one by one.

If you want your God Mode icon to have a different name, copy the code above and create a new folder on your desktop. Rename the folder, paste the code above and change the part that says “GodMode” with a new name, like “Review Geek Mode”. (Leave the dot before the “{” or it won’t work.)

While God Mode is fun and all, make sure to avoid any settings that you don’t understand. You should also try looking for settings in the Start menu if you don’t feel like going through the massive list of God Mode.

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