Will your next phone be foldable?

Are you finally conquered?

Foldables have come a long way in just a few years. While there are still a handful of bugs to iron out, the current roster of foldable phones has come a long way from those first-gen products. We’ve also seen more competitors enter the market – it’s not just Samsung anymore. As foldables continue to become a more mainstream commodity, we’re curious if our readers are finally considering one for their daily driver.

We’ve asked this kind of question before – twice, in fact – but with this product category growing so rapidly, it’s worth wondering if opinions have ultimately been swayed. In early 2019, survey respondents told us they were expecting future generations or more affordable prices, just weeks after Samsung unveiled its first-generation Galaxy Fold. A year and a half later, on the eve of the Z Fold2’s launch, we asked if your next phone would be foldable, and despite new entries from Microsoft and Motorola, the answer was a resounding no.


But it’s 2022 now, and foldables are better than ever. The Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 are killer devices, the first of Samsung’s Z series that you could truly consider some of the best Android phones around – and the clamshell model’s lower price makes it an affordable option. Meanwhile, Oppo’s Find N really impressed us a few months ago. Software issues aside, the hardware was second to none, with a completely flat screen when folded, proving that Samsung still has its work cut out for it.

And although not all foldable phone released in the past two years has been a hit – maybe the third time is the charm, Microsoft – there are promising products on the horizon. Samsung’s next-gen devices will likely build on the successes of last year’s models while reducing those shortcomings. A potential foldable Pixel also awaits in the wings, using some of Android 12L’s best big-screen features in an all-new form factor.

So, were you influenced? Are you sticking with a standard slab, or will your next phone finally be foldable?

Will your next phone be foldable?


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