Why I buy my iPhones and Android phones from eBay instead of Apple and Samsung

For those living under a rock, eBay is an online platform that lets you buy and sell new and used goods, including smartphones. For sellers, the only downside is that you owe eBay 10% of the purchase value of the item you sold – they say it’s for service.But if you are on the other side (purchase), you might win… highligths. Android flagships for 50% less in practically new condition? You got it! The latest iPhone for $250 less in new condition, including warranty? Sure!

So today we’re going to talk about eBay – the alternative smartphone market that’s been around for years, where you can save up to 60% off flagship phones from Samsung and Apple. No terms and conditions.

Smartphone market resale value: Galaxy flagships are unstable – great news for buyers!

Due to its huge smartphone portfolio and the incredibly competitive Android market, Samsung’s flagship (and mid-range) phones are seeing incredible price drops on websites like eBay, months or even weeks after they were first released. initial release. Hourly will be the key in this case, as well as for this entire story. Keep that in mind.

Naturally, the bad news around Samsung is for those who resell Galaxy phones for one reason or another. You’re out of luck if you buy a Samsung flagship now at full price and expect to resell it with minimal loss. My personal, non-scientific findings, which include tons of eBay browsing, show that you stand to lose up to $/£/€300, even if the phone is only 1-2 months old.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, what also does not help is the fact that you will not be the only person selling this phone on this platform. Yes, when it comes to Android and Samsung devices in particular, even the resale market is super competitive.

Apple, Google and others are no exception, but…

Of course, other Android brands and even Apple aren’t immune to lower resale value or bargains – depending on how you see it. But it’s there Hourly come play.

While with Samsung you’re likely to find a fantastic deal pretty much any day of the week, any month of the year, sometimes you have to be more patient if you want a phone made by Google, OnePlus, or Apple, to name a few.

Speaking of An Oscar-winning company (let it sink…), iPhones tend to hold their value much longer than Android and Galaxy flagships in particular. Here is a quick comparison, which I discovered by chance, but which perfectly illustrates my point…

Although it was released nearly six months earlier than the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Apple The iPhone 13 Pro Max is €180/$200 or 16% more than Samsung’s flagship, at least judging by this eBay offering from the same seller.

What’s more interesting is that when this screenshot was taken, the Galaxy S22 Ultra was only a month and a half old. Additionally, a brand new S22 Ultra costs €150/$100 more than a brand new iPhone 13 Pro Max for the same storage variant.

But that being said, eBay deals often give you the chance to snatch a iPhone 13 mini for up to $250 less without waiting for discounts, offers, exchanges, etc. from a retailer. Keep this in mind when shopping for your next iPhone, especially if the model you want is already a few months old. The Apple warranty is universal, so you get it with the device.

Buying phone deals on eBay: how does it work?

eBay’s flagship phones can be used, like-new, or in like-new condition. Often even “used” ones show no signs of use, or sometimes you may have to live with a few scratches here and there. You do you.The warranty is also not an issue since the Apple and Samsung warranty is universal. Unfortunately, it seems that Google is not. At least in Europe, if you buy a Pixel from a carrier, you don’t get a separate Google warranty or the ability to send your phone to Google for repair. But that’s no problem – you still have the retailer’s two-year promise.

A real life example of a guy paying $700 for an empty box on eBay (solved)

eBay also happens to be quite safe and reliable. The company offers something called “eBay Money Back Guarantee” (look for the tag), which promises to resolve any issues that may arise in the event that the item you purchased was not in the condition described or s does not happen at all.

Here is my first-hand experience of being scammed on eBay…

I can’t remember exactly if it was an iPad or an iPhone, but a few months ago I bought and paid around €700/$770 for what I thought was an Apple product . On ebay. With a family member’s debit card!

Turns out what I bought was an empty box. I didn’t have to wait for the package to arrive to find out what happened. I realized this when I read the description for the fifth time. It was a smooth scam. The description said I was just buying a box, but, of course, in a hurry to get the amazing deal, I didn’t notice…

Minutes after buying the most expensive box ever, I called eBay. I felt like an idiot, as it should be. The eBay rep advised me to message the seller and ask them to fix the “problem” before they get involved.

Now, I don’t know if they ordered a mafia visit to his house or not, but it worked! Realizing I realized what I should have realized before I paid for an empty boxhe returned the money immediately.

How eBay deals are making the best flagship and mid-range phones too expensive

Now on to the main course… Let’s start with the mid-range phones.

While they provide incredible value, devices like the new Galaxy A53 and The iPhone SE (2022) is quickly starting to look less appealing when you factor in the resale phone market. Let me give you some concrete examples that you can really take advantage of.
Right now in Europe €450 gets you the brand new Galaxy A53 5G, which is a great device for the price. But, as you’ll see in the chart below, $450 can also get you a brand new Galaxy S21 FE from eBay. The story in the US and the UK isn’t too different either.

Compared to the Galaxy A53 5G, the Galaxy S21 FE gives you:

  • A sleeker, lighter and more modern design with thinner bezels
  • A flagship-grade camera system with 3x optical zoom
  • A much faster flagship processor (stays faster longer)
  • Wireless and Reverse Wireless Charging
  • Better protection against dust and water (IP68)

And if that’s not shocking enough, let me jump to Apple’s iPhone SE (2022), which costs €580 in most of Europe, for the (usable) 128GB version. hear you like the small and powerful iPhones that don’t cost an arm and a leg?

What if I told you that a practically new iPhone 13 mini with an Apple warranty would only cost you… €20 more on eBay Germany? That’s right…€600 for an iPhone 13 mini, with the same 128GB storage. I can, but I won’t even start comparing the iPhone SE and iPhone 13 mini because it’s seriously unfair.

Samsung Galaxy flagship phone prices on eBay: Everyday is Black Friday

With all that out of the way, I’m now about to list some existing eBay offers in the US, UK and Europe without directing you directly to them (because #NotAnAd). Keep in mind that I came across these deals while writing this story. They might already be gone, or better ones might have replaced them instead. It’s time, friends.

Again, my experience with eBay customer service has been excellent so far. They are helpful, responsive and reliable even when I buy an empty box for a ton of money and need to fix the mess.

Five stars.


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