Why Google’s CODA commercial has the internet in tears

The ad was in several network rotations in the week leading up to the Academy Awards, meaning it was already being praised by the public even before “CODA” won its three Oscars.

“Which #Google advertising has blown some dust in my eyes or something,” said @JCinPhilly, one of the many people who find the commercial moving. “That Google Meet commercial about coda and captioning is really, really well done,” said @weswilson4† “I’m not deaf or a CODA, but I’m a grandma and I cry every time I see this commercial,” @rlwolfefl agreed, which exemplifies the many viewers moved by the ad, even though they have no personal experience with the deaf community.

to know, @danmerker said the commercial is “one of my favorites I’ve ever seen. Perfect in every way.” Some also praised the commercial for its educational value. Other viewers were a little less enthusiastic about Google’s full round of applause for the commercial. “I’m mad at Google for manipulating my emotions to make a profit, but I still choked on this CODA commercial” that was years old,” he said. @ShandonFowler

Whether you’re delighted that the commercial opened viewers everywhere to new worlds or were grudgingly moved by the sentiment it displays, it’s hard to deny that Google has certainly touched many hearts.

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