Who will criticize your dreams?

Hope you have dreams. Dreams are precious and they open the door to what will happen next.

Some dreams are tactical. These are very specific performances of a possible future, designed to create some form of happiness.

And some dreams are strategic. They may be lacking in detail, but they help us understand exactly the change we are looking to make in the world and how it might make us feel.

If your dream is to be a vaudeville star working nightly at Rialto on Broadway, it’s specific and tactical.

If, on the other hand, your dream is to exercise your profession in front of an audience that appreciates you and allows you to do it again, it is strategic.

The more we talk about them, the more tactical they become, as if a dream didn’t matter if it wasn’t imminent.

But getting the right strategic part is much more important. The feeling and contribution you’re looking for, not what it looks like on your resume.

The problem is, people are often terrible at helping you make your dreams come true.

You might just get lucky and find someone who cares enough about you to give you helpful feedback and advice on your tactical dreams. What a precious gift. They celebrate your journey at the same time as they help you see how you can improve on the tactics you have chosen.

It’s almost certain that tactical dreams will never work out the way we hope. We need all the help we can get to understand what we really hope to accomplish and why. We have to learn to see the strategy behind the tactics we have chosen. Because once we can establish a strategy that works for us and the audience we care about, our tactics can change over time.

Too often we think that the first set of tactics we choose is our true calling, the only way to make our dream come true. And then we get trapped and we turn away from those who could help us figure out what we really need to focus on.

On the other hand, people who criticize your strategic dreams may have good intentions, but they’re probably preventing you from making any real impact. To protect you, they shoot you down instead. They hope to keep you from failing at anything. This is not helpful.

It’s easy to get lost and just hope that people will cheer us on, no matter how realistic our tactics are.

But if the people around you are afraid to criticize all of your dreams, you may one day soon find yourself in a tactical impasse.


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