Where does it end? Cheap Intel Pentium overclocked to 5.8GHz

We recently saw a few Intel Alder Lake processors get overclocked against all odds, and now the trend continues with another impressive performance.

This time, the $64 Intel Pentium Gold G7400T was overclocked to a clock speed of 5.8GHz. For context, the high-end Intel Core i9-12900K has a maximum turbo frequency of 5.2 GHz – so the ultra-budget Intel Pentium Gold certainly reaches heights that no one could have foreseen.

Intel Pentium Gold G7400T benchmark.
Image source: HD technology

The achievement belongs to Hicookie, a professional overclocker, who was out to see how much he could improve on the Intel Core Pentium Gold G7400T. We’ve already seen some entry-level Alder Lake CPUs that perform surprisingly well under the right conditions, and the Pentium Gold continues that trend.

This Pentium model is one of the most budget-friendly CPUs Intel offers in the Alder Lake processor family. With a modest price tag, it brings unsurprisingly simple specs: two cores, four threads and a base clock speed of 3.1GHz. This is combined with a 2.5 MB L2 cache and a 6 MB L3 cache. It has a base TDP of just 35 watts, meaning it fits well with the most basic setups and requires no additional cooling.

Of course, that all changes when the processor is overclocked. Hicookie’s goal was seemingly not to build the most optimal setup around the Intel Pentium G7400T, but to test how far it can be pushed in terms of performance. As such, he combined the budget CPU with some top-notch components.

The setup included a high-end motherboard in the Gigabyte Aorus Z690 Tachyon. To support the massive voltage surge to 1,656V, Hicookie also used liquid nitrogen cooling. Thanks to the high-end motherboard, he was able to use the basic clocking method of overclocking that we’ve already seen recently when YouTuber Der8auer overclocked two non-K Alder Lake processors. This method, accessible through the BIOS, is not present on most lower-end motherboards.

Hicookie was able to increase the processor’s base clock multiplier to 187 MHz, increasing it by 87%. He then benchmarked it with multiple tools and submitted a total clock speed of 5,808 MHz to several databases. HD Technologia collected all the benchmark results, showing that the cheap Intel Pentium Gold G7400T is actually one of the best processors when it comes to dual-core overclocking records.

The performance of the overclocker is without a doubt very impressive. Reaching 5.8GHz on a $64 processor is no small feat, and it does show that there’s potential to get more out of even the cheapest hardware if you know how.

Let’s not kid ourselves though – this kind of result isn’t sustainable in a typical Intel Pentium build. The Gigabyte Aorus motherboard is expensive, as is liquid nitrogen cooling, and no average user is going to invest that kind of money to run an Intel Pentium CPU. It would be interesting to see how far the G7400T can go when overclocking under normal conditions.

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