WhatsApp update: Here’s how you can disable Internet while using the App

These days, anybody who owns a smartphone uses the internet extensively. If you use the internet for multiple purposes through your smartphone, you would have paid for some internet data package. A lot of people remain worried about data being consumed even when they are using their smartphone actively.

As per a report published by Mediarun Search UK, unnecessary data consumption happens because of apps being active in the background and the device receiving information updates and real-time messages continuously. The report compiled by the agency also states that users have the option of setting an alert that would help them curb certain activities that can result in the data package getting consumed or drained out. Using the right methods, users can restrict broadcasts, browser searches, media updates and notifications.

You can control data usage by blocking WhatsApp from carrying out certain activities like running in the background and draining out the data. There are some simple tricks and techniques you can apply to ensure WhatsApp does not consume a lot of data.

WhatsApp will soon get these new features

WhatsApp will soon get these new features

WhatsApp will soon get these new features

Instead of opening WhatsApp again and again, you can choose to read all the messages you receive at one particular time of the day. If checking WhatsApp once a day doesn’t work for you, you can have a look at it 2-3 times throughout the day. Apart from reducing data consumption, it will also help you focus on more important things.

You also have the option of cutting off the link between the internet and the app. To do this, you have to follow a few simple steps. This particular feature can be disabled by both Android and iPhone users.

1. Go to Settings.

2. Click on Connection or Connection & Sharing. If you are using a OnePlus device, you have to click on Mobile Network.

3. Now, click on Data Usage to have a look at the list featuring the apps that are consuming data because of functioning in the background.

4. Click on the WhatsApp icon. To disable the feature, switch off the option “Allow background data usage”.

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