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The imposition of the Fair Use Policy (FUP) is one of the primary causes of sluggish internet speed. When you use more data than allowed by your chosen broadband plan, it immediately kicks in, slowing down your internet connection. Let’s examine FUP in broadband and how it affects speed.

Understanding what is Fair Use Policy (FUP)

Fair Use Policy, or FUP, is a term used by many broadband providers to describe their data caps. For example, if you exceed the cap on your monthly 4 Mbps broadband plan, your internet speed will be immediately reduced for the following month by the broadband provider.

Most broadband services make it very obvious when the package is limitless. When the package is not unlimited, they may occasionally provide a specific number that indicates how much data can be accessed monthly.

After explaining what FUP in internet terms is, let’s move on to why broadband providers include it in your tariff. Come, let’s look at what’s below:

Why do Broadband Providers Impose FUP?

On a broadband provider’s line, many of you might share the same data capacity. This is known as a “contention ratio,” which typically varies from one to fifty on each side.

Therefore, if one of you using the same line tries to download a large file, the other user will experience difficulties with the broadband speed.

Broadband providers enforce FUP in order to prevent this scenario. They benefit from limiting their internet usage at busy times. As a result, you will always have access to the best internet quality. For instance, there is a significant likelihood that your bandwidth will be capped during peak hours if your broadband connection offers 24 Mbps and unlimited downloads.

FUP does not, however, affect every user. Who does it actually affect, then? Let’s examine the response in more detail below.

1. If you don’t use peer-to-peer or file-sharing software, the FUP won’t affect you. But if you are, make sure to avoid downloading and uploading large files during busy times.

2. The broadband operator will let you know if the FUP applies to you if your use of the internet during peak hours affects other users.

3. If you continue to use the internet excessively, the provider will email you to ask you to limit the number of files you upload and download during busy times. However, if the issue still exists, they will be forced to limit your access during busy hours.

Speed Limitation

Your connectivity may become slower due to the broadband provider. Oh, and guess what? This might go on for a whole month!

Service Termination

Your Wi-Fi connection could be terminated for persistent infractions. Yes, that is accurate. So, following the initial warning, make sure to follow the provider’s advice!


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