What are Google Photo cutscenes?

Google Photos has a few tricks up its sleeve, including one called Cinematic Photos. This function turns your ordinary photos into vivid and realistic moving photos. So how do cinematic photos work and how can you create them? Follow us as we dive deep into the cutscene Google Photos.

What are cinematic photos in Google Photos?

Announced in 2020 and rolling out in 2021, Google Cinematic Photos brings a whole new look to your saved footage. The idea is to mimic scenes you might find in a movie by creating layers on the photo and moving those layers individually on top of each other.

The effect works pretty well and gives the photo a sort of cinematic feel. The creative is a bit more subtle than others that Google has to offer because it doesn’t add music or consist of multiple photos stitched together into an animation.

How do cinematic photos work?

According to Google, all the credit for this amazing effect goes to machine learning. Using data like what’s crisp and sharp, Google’s AI can figure out how to split the photo into layers. According to the company, the original image did not need to include depth data at all. Layers are determined entirely by machine learning.

Once the layers have been created, a 3D representation is produced by animating a virtual camera. This makes the photo look really unique, even though the source image is 2D. Cinematic photos have improved since their launch. Currently, when Google’s AI tries to develop a cinematic photo, it fills in the gaps between the layers. This allows the virtual camera to move more freely and give wider coverage to the image. This upgrade was a recent addition to the functionality and much appreciated.

Can I create cinematic photos myself?

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there is no way to manually create a cinematic photo. Unlike other creations that can be made in the Saved Creations section of Google Photos, cinematic photos should be AI-created with the image Google Photos deems appropriate. This is most likely due to the processing that needs to be done to create layers, fill in gaps, and animate several different photo data layers.

Although you cannot create cinematic photos, you can save them. As long as Google Photos is updated, there’s a good chance the app will create some for you. Your cutscene photos will appear at the top of the app when you open it, or Google Photos will send a push notification letting you know that one has been created. If you come across one in the app, be sure to press the button Save cinematic photo button that appears towards the bottom of the image. Once you’ve saved a cinematic photo, you can find it by going to the To look for tab in Google Photos, and then tapping Saved Creations. As mentioned above, in this section you can also ask Google Photos to create other custom creations.

cinematic photo created in google photos

Cinematic photos in Google Photos are a great addition to the app. While they can’t be created yet, take enough portraits and you’ll likely see some appear in your Google Photos app very soon.

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