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Popular wisdom says that you should rent a car for really long trips and leave your EV at home. But let’s face it, you love your electric car and want to take it across the country, even if it means looking for charging stations. Fortunately, Waze is adding support for electric vehicle charging stations to its app just in time for the holidays.

Starting today, Waze will display electric vehicle charging stations on its map in the United States. This feature was developed in collaboration with Volkswagen, owner of Electrify America and one of the few automakers to invest heavily in practical EV infrastructure (as opposed to giant battery or magnet factories).

I’m not sure exactly why Waze had to work with VW on this feature: Waze is owned by Google and Google Maps has been supporting EV charging stations since 2019. Perhaps this is an example of how Google differentiates it. its two navigation applications; Google Maps is a detailed, all-in-one navigation tool, while Waze is aimed at drivers (especially professional drivers) who want to receive alerts about road hazards, cops, and rest stops.

Either way, here’s a statement from Waze industry boss Jeffrey Kohl, courtesy of 9to5Google:

It’s an incredibly exciting time for Waze as Volkswagen brings electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to our map for the first time ahead of a busy holiday season. Volkswagen is helping to shape the appearance of electric vehicles on the Waze map and we are eager to highlight the breadth of electric vehicle stations available in the United States, especially as more and more auto brands are heading towards an electric future.

In addition to charging station support, Waze now offers a Volkswagen ID.4 EV car icon that displays on your map while you drive. To activate the icon, go to Settings, tap Map view and choose Car icon. (You can also tell Waze if you’re driving an electric vehicle in the Vehicle Details settings.)

Again, I must point out that Google Maps added EV charging stations to its app in 2019. Google Map’s EV features are just a bit more robust than what Waze has to offer right now, which is a big deal. bit odd, given that both apps are owned by Google.

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Source: Waze via 9to5Google

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