Watch: Internet Goes Crazy For KGF And Niharika Stars Yash’s ‘I Am Violence’ Video Nm: The Tribune India

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Chandigarh, April 12

We’ve all tried to open a sealed bottle with a bottle opener – with the bite of a tooth or by pulling it with a steel bracelet. These hacks are known to us, but let’s face it, in most cases they do not work.

Now here is a video that will teach you another hack and guess who gives the tutorial. This is popular Kannada actor Yash.

Yes, you read correctly. And that’s not all, the star plays with the popular dialogue “I am Violence” from his upcoming KGF movie as he teaches you to channel your anger.

Digital content creator Niharika Nm and Yash collaborated for this hilarious video.

In the video, Niharika starts off in style. She begins to narrate the popular dialogue “I AM VIOLENCE” from the upcoming KGF 2 movie and at the same time tries to open a bottle lid with all her might. Hands, feet, kicks and biting the old fashioned way, she tries it all. When she fails, she asks for another bottle. Here enters our hero, who ends the dialogue by saying “But violence loves me” and opens the bottle with a simple blow. So soft!

Watch the viral video here:

The dialogue that has taken the internet by storm is like “Violence..Violence..Violence!. I don’t like it. I avoid..But…Violence loves me! ‘a powerful action scene.’ The way Yash emphasizes the word “avoid” in the dialogue is another point of infatuation among netizens.

Since its upload, the clip has more than a million views and countless comments.

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