VR MMORPG Ilysia Enters Second Closed Alpha Test

Upcoming VR MMOs Ilysia has entered its second closed alpha period, following the first test last year and the studio being a little quiet on updates. The closed alpha started on March 25 and will run until April 8.

The test will be open to those who are able to obtain keys for closed testing, but is also open to those who have backed the game before Kickstarter and in certain Kickstarter tiers. There have also been keys via giveaways and there will be even more chances of getting a key until the last week of the alpha, so if you’re interested in testing out this VR MMO, there’s still a lucky you can get a key.

If you haven’t heard of Ilysia before, or just need a refresher, Team 21 Studio has been developing the VR MMO for several years now and it was successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2020. As the game is a VR title, the movement mechanics are important. Combat in the game will be physics-based, with the intention that players can swing weapons and be in the world, with options to fight with weapons or cast spells if that’s your preference. Expect PvE, PvP, and plenty of exploration. The team wants to create a vast world that players can explore with different areas like desert or water, and travel using airships, mounts, or just exploring.

With multiple VR games of varying sizes and community attention already underway, we are entering a whole new era where VR MMOS and similar games have the opportunity to really find their niche and show off what makes them special. .

The second running Alpha follows the first alpha test last year. You can read more about the development and changelogs for the release including the alpha here at Ilysia Home Page.

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