Voters Support Investments In Broadband Services

By Bella Kumar

After decades of digital innovation and a pandemic that forced millions of Americans indoors, access to the Internet has become more important today than ever before. Your job, your classes, your doctor’s appointments, and your banking all can be hosted online — if you have a quality Internet connection.

Today, approximately 19 million Americans, or 6 percent of the population, live without access to broadband services. In rural areas, the number is as high as one-fourth of the population, and in tribal areas, it can reach one-third. Over 40 million Americans lack high-speed Internet, widening disparities in access to work, school, healthcare, and more. 

Last year, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) authorized $1.2 trillion for transportation and infrastructure spending, energy and power infrastructure, access to broadband internet, water infrastructure, and more. 

New polling from Data for Progress shows that 56 percent of voters agree that high-speed internet should be a right for all Americans, including 70 percent of Democrats, 57 percent of Independents, and 43 percent of Republicans.

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