Vietnam will start developing 6G in ’22, says minister

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A telecommunications worker sets up a telecom hub in Vietnam’s capital Hanoi. VIETNAM NEWS AGENCY

This year, Vietnam will focus on the development of 6G – the sixth-generation standard currently under development for wireless communication technologies.

Information and Communications Minister Nguyen Manh Hung told a conference in Hanoi last week that it is high time the country was ahead of the development curve and strengthened its digital infrastructure with an emphasis on Cloud Computing, Digital Platform and As Service.

According to the industry estimate, the digital economy is growing at a rate of $136 billion a year with more than 64,000 companies, he said.

“Vietnam must rapidly develop its digital infrastructure and technologies with the aim of becoming one of the world’s leading countries in digitization with a vision for the future development of the technology and to meet the demand for skilled workers in the field said the minister.

He emphasized the importance of developing Vietnam’s capabilities for Cloud Computing and Digital Platform, two of the fastest growing areas with an annual growth rate of 15-20 percent. As the ministry has estimated, the market for cloud computing and digital platforms will match or even surpass the telecommunications market, which has reached a market saturation point.

In addition, the telecommunications sector has to address a series of long-standing problems, such as bonus SIM cards, rampant advertising SMS and calls, before it can develop further into a useful platform for the digital economy.

The minister said digital infrastructure is one of the top priorities for the government, which has set itself the goal of being among the top 30 countries with the most advanced and robust digital infrastructure by 2025.

“To achieve these goals, the telecommunications sector must now start to stay ahead of the competition by developing 6G technologies and hardware and building the country’s 5G network,” Hung said.

He urged domestic companies to invest in the development and production of 5G, 6G hardware and promised that the government will provide them with additional support.


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