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A well-made bed is indeed important to give you a good night’s sleep. While looking at different bed-making techniques, a content creator noticed something that stole a laugh from people. She shared the hilarious manners in which people make their beds in the form of a reel on Instagram. The video might not only make you laugh out loud but also relate to it pretty hard.

Instagram user and content creator Sanskriti posted the video on her page. “My arms were almost detached,” she wrote while sharing the video. In the clip, she shows how some people make their beds. Turns out, there is a special technique some people have, which is called “chaddar jhadna.”

Watch the video here:

Since being shared, the video has accumulated more than eight million views and counting. People shared various comments to show their reactions to the video.

“How can this be damn relatable,” posted an Instagram user with laughing emoticons. “I mean why do we even do that? I can’t believe I have never questioned it before,” expressed another. “Okay but that bedsheet is so pretty-,” wrote a third. Several other users reacted with laughing emoticons.

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