Video: Here’s how to change the screen settings on your Nintendo Switch OLED

Just received your Nintendo Switch OLED model, but the screen isn’t quite what you expected? Don’t worry, Nintendo Life American video producer Zion Grassl has a solution!

Be warned – by changing your screen brightness settings on this new OLED model, you potentially run the risk of burn-in.

With that out of the way, here are a few ways to improve screen brightness:

> Hold the HOME menu pressed, adjust the brightness and deactivate the “Automatic brightness” parameter.

“Please increase your brightness with caution, it may be best to leave auto brightness on, but if you want more brightness on your screen you can increase it this way – just be careful”

Alternatively, you can take the following steps:

> In the HOME menu, scroll down to the “System settings” icon, scroll to “System”, scroll to “Console screen colors” in this menu and switch from “Vivid “To” Standard “.

“You’ll notice the screen looks a lot more normal, a bit softer on the eyes… depending on what game you’re playing, you might want to bring it back to life.”

Again, do all of this at your own risk – but hopefully these additional options can make your time with the new Switch OLED model a bit more comfortable.

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