Verizon Expands Global Automation Capabilities in Partnership with Equinix

What you need to know:

  • The expansion of the Software-Defined Interconnect (SDI) solution enables enterprises and public sector customers to connect their MPLS and Ethernet private network services to hundreds of cloud, infrastructure and service providers with same-day automated connectivity.

  • Customers can quickly activate network services, get lower access costs and greater network flexibility.

  • Verizon’s Software-Defined Interconnect solution is part of the company’s Network-as-a-Service strategy.

BASKING RIDGE, NJ – Verizon Business is expanding its Software-Defined Interconnect (SDI) solution, enabling global enterprises and public sector customers to connect their MPLS and Ethernet private network services to hundreds of cloud, infrastructure and service providers with same-day automated connectivity. Together with Equinix, the world’s digital infrastructure companyTM, the two companies recognized the changing market demand and worked to expand this solution to meet changing global needs. Customers can now get fast activation of network services, lower access costs and greater network flexibility. The SDI solution is part of the Verizon Business Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) strategy.

“Organizations are looking for more flexible ways to work anywhere and on any device. To take advantage of new solutions built on 5G, from real-time data analytics and AI to enhanced security and AR/VR, they need a flexible, programmable, scalable and reliable platform that delivers network services in a much more resilient and cloud-centric way than traditional network infrastructures,” said Massimo Peselli, Senior Vice President, Global Enterprise, Verizon Business. “Equinix is ​​a trusted strategic partner that helps enable our Network-as-a-Service approach to managed services, and this SDI extension provides our customers with the flexibility they need to meet their needs when they migrate to the cloud.”

since the launch from SDI in 2019, Verizon and Equinix have worked to enhance Verizon’s capabilities to handle the drastic shift in digital transformation journeys for enterprises and the public sector caused by the pandemic. The service initially included same-day delivery of Private IP to Equinix’s colocation environments and will now support Ethernet E-Line and E-LAN ​​wide area networks. Verizon and Equinix have invested heavily in flexible services and expansion into new markets. This will enable customers to leverage Verizon’s high-speed network (up to 10 Gbps), coupled with Equinix Fabric, to expand and enhance connectivity with Verizon’s MPLS and Ethernet customers worldwide. The scalable bandwidth and automation of provisioning is a fundamental part of Verizon’s NaaS capabilities being rolled out at Equinix.

“As enterprises and public sector companies continue to digitally transform, they need network delivery solutions that are globally consistent, align with industry standards and delivered as a service to create digital advantage,” said Bill Long, Senior Vice President, Core Product management, Equinix. “To meet these needs, Verizon and Equinix have launched a software-defined interconnection solution for the past two years that helps customers connect their foundational infrastructures, and this next round of evolution includes our customers’ next-generation features. question. By expanding the global automation and connectivity capabilities of the Verizon SDI solution, customers can now take advantage of Verizon’s Equinix Fabric interconnection service and Network-as-a-Service offerings to keep their digital supply chain ecosystems private and secure including wireline, wireless 5G and public cloud networks.”

“Many enterprises are undergoing major changes in the way they connect and collaborate across data centers, networks, and cloud and hosting services. Verizon’s expansion of SDI capacity is a great example of how networks can adapt at the speed at which companies build and migrate applications,” said Brian Washburn, Research Director at Omdia.

Verizon was recently named the Equinix Social Impact and Trailblazer Awards 2020 winner. For more information about SDI and other solutions, visit the: Verizon Equinix Landing Page. For more information about the Verizon Business Network-as-a-Service strategy, visit the: NaaS landing page.

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