Verizon Business Brings Analytics to the Edge

Verizon has introduced a platform that leverages the provider’s edge computing and private 5G networking capabilities to enable customers to perform complex and demanding tasks locally. Verizon’s edge analytics capabilities are aimed at businesses and governments around the world.

Developed in partnership with Atos Computer Vision, the platform will provide large-scale, cloud and AI-powered data analytics capabilities. The end-to-end platform includes hardware, 5G connectivity, application and automation, field services and a service support desk.

The goal is to bring data center-level capabilities to the edge of the network to enable new use cases, provide greater network security, and improve connectivity and data management. One use case mentioned in the press release is the ability to process 180 billion data points in an hour to determine which areas of operations are likely to experience downtime up to 30 days in advance. The platform will enable trending and tracking of key metrics to enable continued efficiency gains and eliminate points of failure. The analysis of a localized part of the system can be used to model the whole system.

“This new joint solution provides enterprise customers with an unprecedented level of visibility into their operations, and we are excited about the prospect of building on our existing partnership with Atos. We know the future will be built on our industry-leading 5G network, and today’s announcement is another example of how our products and solutions are making a real impact on today’s business efficiency and revenue,” said Tami Erwin, CEO of Verizon Business, in a press release about the Verizon edge analytics offering.

The press release identifies transportation, manufacturing, logistics and manufacturing as industries that could use the platform.

Verizon Business regularly makes partnership announcements related to its edge computing capabilities. Key partners include Google Cloud, AWS, and others.

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