Velocity Network Works to Provide High Speed Internet Throughout Erie County: Giving You the Business – Erie News Now

An Erie based company works every day to make sure internet and phone service is working as it should.

Brad and Matt Wiertel monitor these servers from an area inside Velocity Net (VNET).

“We’re providing high speed WIFI and security services to our users,” said Brad. 

Velocity Net is staffed around the clock with 80 employees that monitor and maintain services.

“That goes from computers to servers to networks to voice services and our flagship is our internet service,” said Brad. “That provides fiber optic connectivity to a lot of businesses, education, non profits in the Erie county area.”

Brad is the Chief Operating Officer of Velocity Net while his brother, Matt works as the Director of Sales & Business Development and they said the reach of the company doesn’t stop there.

Brad said, “In terms of I.T. and the computer and networking service areas, we cover a broad range of customers in New York and California to Texas.”

VNET was started in 1990 under a different name by owner Joel Deuterman who started building computers inside his Erie apartment.

“Over 30 years of services to the Erie community with technology computers,” said Matt. “Moving into networking and moving into the internet service which was kicked off in 1996 with Velocity.Net”

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