Update: Shutdown of internet service for customers in Lovettsville, Lucketts creates uncertainty | News

Sugarloaf Network Systems customers affected by the interruption of their Internet service in parts of western Loudoun County can contact AT&T directly for assistance, according to an April 6 announcement from the Loudoun County government.

AT&T can be reached at 1-800-331-0500.

Supervisor Caleb Kershner, R-Catoctin, who represents the affected customers, said in a recent newsletter that about 120 customers have been affected. According to its Facebook profile, the company provides high-speed Internet services to communities in Loudoun County such as Lucketts and Lovettsville.

Kershner wrote that on April 1, customers were contacted by the company and informed that some of their customers would no longer receive Internet service from the company.

He said the end of service appears to have been caused by technical issues that the company had been unable to resolve in recent weeks. Those issues may be related to AT&T’s recent shutdown of its legacy 3G network.

“At this point, it’s not clear whether these technical issues can be resolved,” Kershner wrote in his newsletter.

“While the County of Sugarloaf has tried to help work with AT&T, the technology issue itself is not something our staff can solve for them,” he said. “In addition, Sugarloaf is not a franchisee, so the county does not have the contractual or regulatory authority to require them to restore service.”

“Please note that I am exploring other potential solutions for those affected by this outage,” Kershner said.

Loudoun provides Internet access on several public sites, including affiliates of the Loudoun County Public Library, the announcement said. Wi-Fi hotspots are also available at the Lovettsville Community Center and Loudoun Valley Community Center.

Loudoun County encourages all users affected by the current issue to also visit the county’s website at loudoun.gov/broadbandexpansion and use the All Points Broadband Lookup Tool to determine whether they will benefit from current broadband efforts. in the province to expand over the next two to three years.

Kershner provided additional services on Thursday.

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