Unboxing Connect 2021 – What it means for the metaverse of the future

It’s just a week after the Connect 2021 event where Meta (formerly Facebook) showcased their grand vision for both XR and the Metaverse, including rebranding their entire business around the concept. The event was heavy vision with a lot of short-term news being more disparate. I sat with host Kent Bye on the Voices of VR Podcast to unpack what it all means for the future.

VR voice is a prolific podcast hosted by creator Kent Bye that has been tracking events in the XR space for years; the show recently released its 1000th episode!

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Bye for a frank discussion on the Connect 2021 announcements, where we reflected on what all of this means for the metaverse of the future. You can listen to the embedded episode below, or find VR voice on your favorite podcasting app.


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