Ubisoft’s Notre Dame Fire VR experience could be the future of documentaries

Video games as a medium continue to evolve every year and due to the personal involvement of gamers, they can be a great way to experience stories. VR games have taken this to the next level by immersing players in places and stories as much as possible, an aspect that UbisoftThe virtual reality firefighting game is set to grow. the Notre Dame on fire The experience developed by Ubisoft is in collaboration with a docu-fiction of the same name directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud which explores the efforts of Parisian firefighters on April 19, 2019, when Notre-Dame cathedral broke out in a fire.


It was a shocking moment that gripped much of the world the moment it happened. While the Cathedral of Notre Dame was not completely lost, the structure suffered severe damage but has since been able to raise an incredible €1 billion for restorations. Yet what happened that day shocked many, and the efforts of the emergency services to save the historic site are remarkable. As both the Notre Dame on fire The VR experience and film explores this, audiences around the world will be able to get a sense of the actions needed to preserve the cathedral against all odds.

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Ubisoft’s Notre Dame on Fire


This collaboration between Notre Dame on fire and its VR experience sets it apart from similar films that have been created over the years. Documentaries and docudramas as a whole can be informative and exciting ways to learn more about the world around us, but linking them to virtual reality experiences points to incredible possibilities for the future, both engaging and accessible. If for some VR headsets are annoying, the format still opens up a world of possibilities as evidenced by the development of Notre Dame on fire.

The cooperative puzzle solving that is part of what people should expect from the Notre Dame on fire the experience may not be perfect for documentaries, but Ubisoft’s project can lay a promising foundation. Instead of focusing on streaming documentaries through services like Amazon Prime Video or Netflix in the future, VR experiences could be streamed as a way to deeply immerse people in the stories they tell. Traversing tropical rainforests or crawling along the caldera of a volcano could replace sitting down to watch a nature documentary on a rainy night. This approach is something that would be as exciting for adults as it is for children, pushing more people to learn through these unique pathways.

The engagement found could also hold people’s interest longer and as active participants, viewers could have more intimate experiences with the subject. Seeing a shift in documentary experiences that considers this and uses the VR storytelling format as a tool is something that could become more common as filmmakers and developers experiment with the medium. Especially with features like Sony’s 3D scanner for VR, more directors and studios could see the stories they want to tell come to life as VR and its products become more accessible.

These could be high hopes for the relatively small steps taken so far and the creative choices of Notre Dame on fire will likely set it apart from documentary-style VR experiences that may be released in the future, but it’s still a good sign for how the medium can be used. Mountains of information and beautiful landscapes could become accessible in seconds for people who otherwise might not be able to experience them in great detail. Advances in new hardware also make these kinds of innovations exciting as home VR kits, like Sony’s upcoming PSVR 2, become more powerful. Viewers could soon be greeted with experiences that rival some of museums’ mind-blowing exhibits without having to leave their homes, freeing up time and helping more people discover the world they live in.

Notre Dame on fire launches both a VR experience and a movie in March 2022.

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