U.S. federal law enforcement agency orders tethered unmanned helicopters from Zenith for surveillance

WASHINGTON – Leaders of a U.S. law-enforcement agency in Washington needed heavy-lift tethered unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for surveillance applications. They found their solution from Zenith AeroTech in Afton, Va.

Zenith AeroTech has completed delivery of two Quad 8 tethered UAVs to a federal law enforcement agency for command overwatch during emergency response missions.

The Quad 8 can lift as much as 20 pounds of customer-defined payloads. That’s more than enough capacity to carry a long-range EO/IR camera, a communications relay, and two 17,000-lumen, weather-resistant LED panels.

The Quad 8 is a long-endurance tethered unmanned quad copter able to carry infrared and visible-light video cameras, a communications relay, and overhead high-intensity lights. The tethered UAVs can stay in the air for days at time.

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“These high-powered lights are ground-controlled for intensity and on/off functions,” says Doganc Kucuk, lead designer for Zenith AeroTech. “When they are activated, it becomes like daytime on the ground.”

Hovering at altitudes of 200 to 400 feet, the Quad 8 tethered UAV draws its power from its ground power unit, which converts AC voltage into high-voltage DC power. The power unit also runs an automated management system that works in inclement weather conditions.

For more information contact Zenith AeroTech online at https://zenithaerotech.com.


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