U of C quantum-software startup acquired

The deal is a sign of traction for the University of Chicago, which is trying to cultivate a startup ecosystem around its research efforts as part of goal to “become the world capital of quantum,” the emerging technology that seeks to use quantum physics to create new computers that are faster and more secure. U of C, like the University of Illinois, is home to a handful of federally funded quantum research efforts.

Super.tech, founded in 2020, raised $500,000 in early-stage funding and more than $3 million in federal research grants. It was part of the first group of companies in Duality, U of C’s $20 million accelerator for quantum startups.

Cofounders Pranav Gokhale, who received his doctorate from U of C, and U of C professor Fred Chong, and Super.tech’s dozen employees will become the Chicago office of ColdQuanta.

It will take years before quantum computing becomes commercially viable. But ColdQuata, which traces its roots to the University of Colorado, is among a small number of companies that have developed a quantum computer and novel underlying technology.  

Super.tech built software that can be used to write quantum programs in any type of source language, which could speed up the development of quantum applications. It also makes software used to benchmark various quantum computing systems, as well as algorithms for quantum computing.

“As part of ColdQuanta, we have the opportunity to play a pivotal role in building a quantum company that will define the future of the industry,” Gokhale said in a statement.


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