Twitter founder Jack Dorsey regrets playing a part in centralizing the internet


Image: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey has admitted he regrets his involvement in creating a centralized internet.

“The days of usenet, irc, the web … even email (w PGP) … were great,” he said in a tweet on Sunday.

“Centralizing discovery and identity in companies has really damaged the internet. I realize I’m partly to blame, and I regret it.”

As Affirm CEO and co-founder Max Levchin points out in his response to Dorsey’s tweet, the internet “went from arthouse to blockbuster because it needed to attract an audience and make money.”

Dorsey went on to say that “perhaps a greater emphasis on protocol first and interface after that would have helped”.

“I agree that there were fewer technological options for making money. It led to ads dominating,” he said.

This isn’t the first time Dorsey has complained about the current state of the internet, though. Late last year, he dropped a single tweet saying, “You don’t own ‘web3’. The VCs and their LPs do. It will never escape their incentives. It’s ultimately a centralized entity with a different label.”

In 2019, Dorsey also announced changes to Twitter’s fundamental technology, BlueSky, proverb it would become “an open and decentralized social media standard.”

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