Tulsa Welding School is developing a virtual reality program for students

Tulsa Welding School has developed a new virtual reality tool for students that they believe could change the industry.

A big part of trade school programs like that at Tulsa Welding School is about practicing with the tools – getting hands-on experience.

In every class before that, everything had to be done on the school premises, until now.

The Tulsa Welding School has announced their next great teaching tool which they call OcuWeld – a virtual reality program that teaches welding.

Training Director Chris Schuler helped develop the program from scratch.

“We are very proud of it,” he said. “The hardware we use, the equipment we use, the machines, a lot of them don’t have that at home. So they have the Oculus at home, they can practice the same setup that we do. here in a virtual world at home in their spare time, wherever they want. “

The program aims to complement what students learn at school welding stations.

Different welds require different patterns and techniques – both require repetition and muscle memory which the program helps develop.

Virtual learning and online courses have become more and more common.

But trades – like welding – are hard to replicate digitally … Schuler says OcuWeld could change that.

“I think this will move the industry to where it has never been before,” Schuler said.

Starting in January, an Oculus headset with this program installed will be part of the student take-out kit.


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