Tristan Wirfs finally gets Tom Brady’s phone number

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Buccaneers offensive tackle Tristan Wirfs’ first interaction with Tom Brady came shortly after Wirfs was drafted in 2020. Brady reached out to Instagram.

Wirfs didn’t see the message until the next day and was “afraid” it took him nine hours to respond to his new quarterback.

Wirfs joked Tuesday that, two years later, he still doesn’t have Brady’s phone number.

“I don’t have Tom’s number. No. No, I don’t think I’m there yet,” Wirfs said, laughing with reporters.

Wirfs later tweeted a clarification: “Just to be clear, I never asked for @TomBrady’s number but I’m sure he would give it to me if I asked.”

In the end, Wirfs didn’t have to ask. Brady saw Wirfs’ comment.

“Tristan, we’ve been trying to reach you regarding your car’s extended warranty,” Brady emailed Wirfs before adding, “Just kidding, your car is fine…he’s your favorite Qb.” Brady added a laughing emoji.

Wirfs replied, “Tommy!! Sorry, your mentions probably exploded today.

Brady posted the exchange on social media.

So Wirfs now has Brady’s number.


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