Treat yourself to three mysterious tech-themed items for just $60



Instead of being fooled on April 1, why not plan a more pleasant surprise? We are offering mystery boxes with three items during our April Fools’ Day promotion. You don’t know what you’re getting until you receive your mystery box, and that’s part of the fun!

One thing you know for sure is that you are getting a great deal because the mystery boxes are offered at a discount. While the prices of the three items are normally $70, you can get them at 14% off and pay just $59.99.

We can also tell you a few other things. The Tech Mystery Box is a curated collection of three tech themed gadgets. So, for example, you can receive wonderful new audio equipment that is perfect for the hot days ahead. Or maybe you can boost the atmosphere in your home with some new lighting. Who knows? You might even find that new gadget you’ve been craving when you open the box.

There are all kinds of great new devices out there these days. You just have to seize the opportunity.

This really is an excellent opportunity to treat yourself, a family member, friend, colleague or anyone else to a beautifully made surprise box of tech goodies. If you’re ready for some thrills, buy one of our Tech Mystery Boxes today as they’re on sale at 14% off the original $70 MSRP.

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