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National Skills and WorldSkills Competitions

I’m Tomohiro Hamasaki of the Outstanding Skills Training Dept., Core Skills Development Div. Thanks for having me. I will introduce the National Skills and WorldSkills Competitions as part of our efforts to train technicians, and talk about my experience and voluntary activities.

First, let me explain the National Skills and WorldSkills Competitions. Do you know about these? Their profile might be low, but they are very popular events.

In the National Skills Competition, young technicians from around Japan compete in skills. It aims to showcase the importance and potential of skills and help foster respect for skills.

The competition held in even-numbered fiscal years also serves as a tryout for the WorldSkills Competition, which is held the following year. There are 42 skills in total, including skills related to mechanics, metalworking, construction and architecture, information and communication, and services and fashion.

The short movie shows impressive clips from the competition. Please watch it if you are interested.

Next, let’s look at the WorldSkills Competition. This encourages vocational training in participating countries and facilitates international exchanges and friendships among young technicians.


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