Train-riding Corgi delights the internet

A now viral video showing a corgi riding a train with her owner has swept the internet.

The video was posted to Reddit’s “Aww” forum on Sunday by Bryan, u/kittytime, who wrote, “This is how my corgi and I ride the train together.” The post has garnered more than 10,000 upvotes and more than 100 comments from Redditors agreeing that the corgi is “off the scale cute.”

It turns out that the corgi is a “pet influencer” named Maxine. Her owner, Bryan, regularly posts videos of the dog on TikTok and Instagram under the username madmax_fluffy road. The accounts combined have reached a total of more than 4 million followers.

“Maxine is my favorite corgi ever, except for my own,” Redditor tells u/savannah0719. “I may have had a crazy time wandering the dumbo area in Brooklyn just looking for Maxine lol.”

The video is a supercut of several clips of Maxine sitting contentedly in Bryan’s backpack as they ride the New York City subway together. In one clip, Maxine rests her head on Bryan’s shoulder. In another, she sleeps peacefully behind him, with her head back and her mouth ajar.

Throughout the video, passersby can be seen staring at Maxine and Bryan as they navigate the subway system together. They even take the chance to pet the dog.

In the last clip of the video, Maxine licks Bryan’s ear before flashing a big smile at the camera.

“The smile at the end,” wrote u/JeebusHaroldCrise.

“Kiss the ear!!! Your pup probably likes the perspective,” added u/Riverofwellbeing.

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), there are two breeds of corgis: the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Although the two races have “completely different origins,” they both share a love for their people and are happiest when they can spend time with [them]†

“They are wonderful companions, enjoy time with children and love to participate in whatever their people are doing,” AKC said.

Breeder Anne Bowes told the organization that Pembrokes are “CAN-DO” dogs that “want to do whatever their owners want to do.” Likewise, vests are a “you can do anything” breed of dog.

“They love to travel and get new experiences,” she explains.

Comments loved watching Maxine’s now-viral train ride and flooded the comment section.

“That’s extremely cute,” wrote u/Educational_Safe_339.

“Cuteness overload,” said u/RandomCollector.

news week reached out to Bryan for comment, but didn’t hear back in time for publication.

Maxine isn’t the first corgi to make headlines this year. Last month, a corgi puppy named Daisy went viral on Reddit after her owner shared a photo of her pulling a rather “serious” face while out for a walk. Also in March, a 1-year-old corgi named Jessica swam through alligator-infested waters to reunite with her owners after jumping off their boat in Florida. And in January, a TikTok video went viral with more than 20 million views, showing a corgi named Cooper outgrowing his favorite place to sleep.

A now viral video showing a corgi riding a train with her owner has swept the internet.

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