Traeger Releases Flagship Timberline Grills With Advanced Features And Improved Smoking

Three years ago we tested the Traeger Ironwood 650 mid-range grill and loved how we could monitor and track our smoking and grilling sessions from phones and watches. The new Timberline series is once again raising the bar for outdoor cooking, with some features likely to be launched in the future on upgraded Pro and Ironwood models.

The Timberline series is Traeger’s flagship model with the Timberline model for $3,499 and Timberline XL for $3,799. Launching this spring, the grills are clearly aimed at the outdoor cook who wants the ultimate patio setup with a grill that can help cook the perfect meal.


Image: Traeger

Traeger kicks off with a new smart combustion system designed to prevent flare-ups while providing a consistent, reliable cooking experience. A new FreeFlow brazier design has also been incorporated into the grill to achieve maximum smoke production. On the grill itself we find a new full-color touchscreen display.

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While I find Traeger grills fairly easy to clean, the new grease and ash barrel system directs the grease and ash into one area for cleaning and disposal. Another nice feature of the Timberline series is the support for two Meater wireless meat thermometers that allows you to place the thermometers anywhere you want without the hassle of cables.

The Timberline series offers features not found in the Pro or Ironwood models, including the new induction hob that allows you to simmer your sauces, sear your steaks or fry vegetables while your meat is smoked on the grill. The Timberline also has a rail system to accessorize the grill and a wide range of options available to customize the grill to your needs.

The Traeger smartphone app has also been updated with an improved interface to make it easier to find recipes and send them straight to your grill. One major improvement that I was pleased to see was the grill control screen that allows you to easily control the temperature, manage alerts, and activate Super Smoke mode. The Apple Watch app is also useful when you’re away from your phone and need to check grill status and even make some changes while your meat is being smoked.

I also spend a lot of time looking for things outside of the app, but with the new app there is an extensive learning feature that will probably answer any questions you may have as you explore wood pellet cooking.


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