Top Stories: Unlimited Google Photos, Nest Hub Frog

In this week’s top stories: Google Photos regains a carrier-exclusive unlimited backups plan, Weather Frog jumps to 2nd-gen Nest Hub, Waze gains a “retro mode,” and more.

Once a perk exclusive to the Pixel series before being retired, Google has announced the upcoming return of an unlimited photo backup plan. The option will apparently be exclusively available to T-Mobile customers through Google One, adding $5 to the monthly cost of the $10 2TB plan.

Behind the scenes, T-Mobile is presumably subsidizing the new storage tier in some way as part of a larger partnership. As such, internally, the price of this new perk is most likely not just another $5 for Google.

Almost a year after they first arrived on the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max, this week owners of the 2nd-gen Nest Hub got access to the Weather Frog clock face. As the name suggests, when activated your Nest Hub will display illustrations themed around the current weather, prominently featuring the Google Weather frog mascot.

Some examples include Froggy camping and looking through a telescope, laying in a hammock, reading on a mountain top, and splashing in puddles while wearing a yellow raincoat. It’s very pleasant and provides a good dose of fantasy throughout the day.

Waze, that of Google other the traffic and navigation app, kicked off its own fancy this week with a new “retro mode”. Once activated, the application offers navigation voices, themes and built-in car designs based on the 70s, 80s and 90s.

All of these individual elements are also interchangeable. This means you can choose the 90s PC vibe with the red sports car and the 70s DJ. The voices sound pretty good and have their own quirks, which can do a lot to entertain someone on the road. .

This week our Ben Schoon shared his thoughts on Bellroy’s leather case for the Pixel 6 series. While this is certainly one of the best leather phone cases on the market, the material used does not naturally form a patina as one would expect with genuine leather.

But the hardest part right now is, if you want a leather case for a Pixel 6, Bellroy is pretty much the only choice. A quick search on Amazon shows a bunch of Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro leather cases, but you’d be hard pressed to find any household names outside of Bellroy. dbrand is one of the only names that come to mind for adding a leather look to the Pixel 6, but the company’s case is only leather on the back, not the sides, and it’s It’s also a thicker design.

Google is preparing to launch a “Switch to Android” app for iPhones, and our team was able to familiarize themselves with the app before it arrived. As you’d expect, the app is designed to make it easy to wirelessly copy your most essential data from your old iPhone to your new Android device.

Overall, Switch to Android is a delightfully simple experience, making it as easy as possible to leave the walled garden of the iPhone ecosystem. It’s unclear at this time when Google intends to launch Switch to Android widely, but given how long Apple’s “Move to iOS” app has been on the Play Store, Google’s alternative already arrives years later than it should have.

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