Top 5 Smartphones Using AI Algorithms in 2021


Smartphones that use AI algorithms come with new features to get the users excited

Nowadays, with the advancing technology, smartphones that use AI algorithms are in high demand. As users expect more unique qualities, companies are embracing technology to provide a better user experience. If you are someone who is looking for an advanced AI-based smartphone, this article is for you. Here are the top 5 smartphones that use AI algorithms in 2021. Interestingly, all the top 5 smartphones that use AI algorithms have used the Snapdragon 888 processor.

1 Oneplus 9 Pro

Oneplus 9 Pro uses AI technology in the camera department to make the shooting experience better and automatic. The AI ​​algorithm distinguishes the subject from the background. Oneplus 9 Pro makes the list of AI smartphones with more than 208,065 points.

2 Realme GT

Realme GT has some of the great tools in the settings that allow users to take full control of the Android system. The smartphone’s AI algorithms along with ML can easily handle everything for you. The Realme GT camera app enables AI Scene Enhancement. This feature is a kind of high-tech HDR mode to output higher dynamic range that helps improve saturation. Realme is next to the Oneplus Pro at the top with 207,209 points.

3 Xiaomi MI 11 Pro

Xiaomi MI 11 Pro comes with AI Master Image Quality Engine with four items such as super resolution enhancement, video image quality enhancement, AI intelligent scene optimization and dynamic image compensation. It has a special feature called Night Owl which is developed using AI algorithms for better image effect. This unique feature breaks the visual limitations of dark light and archives a bright, clear image. It is in third place with 206,958 points.

4 Redmi K40 Pro

Redmi K40 Pro comes with AI Master Image Quality Engine from Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro. It also has four important aspects, such as Xiaomi. The smartphone has used AI algorithms to transform low-resolution video to higher levels. And Redmi scores 106,842.

5 Blackshark Gaming Phone 4 Pro

The Blackshark Gaming 4 Pro is the smartphone that uses the AI ​​Virtual Proximity Sensor from Elliptic Lab, INNER BEAUTY for the first time. The smartphone comes with the 6th generation AI Engine developed for neural processing in imaging and computing with 5G experience. Blackshark scores 206,716 points, placing it on the list of the top 5 smartphones that use AI algorithms.

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