Top 10 Penny Robotics Stocks to Bet for Good Returns

by Apoorva Bellapu
Apr 16, 2022

robotics stocks

High demand for robotics has resulted in an exceptional performance of robotics stocks too.

The extent to which robotics has changed our lives for the better can only be put into words. Whether in healthcare, IT, education, defense or finance, robotics has been nothing short of a blessing. Such high demand for robotics has also led to exceptional performance in robotics stocks. In this article, we will talk about the top 10 penny robotics stocks to bet for good returns.

iRobot Corporation

This company is known for coming up with innovative developments in artificial intelligence to make products smarter for consumers. An interesting point to note is that most of the company’s hedge funds are bullish.

Rockwell Automation

If one name comes to mind when it comes to industrial automation and digital transformation solutions, it’s Rockwell Automation. The company has carved out a niche for itself by offering a wide variety of products such as programmable automation controllers, human-machine interface products, sensing devices, etc. All in all, this robotics stock is worth an investment.

Fanuc Corporation

Fanuc Corporation has a list of products to its name, including servo motors, lasers, robots and electrical injection molding machines. Over time, the company has seen profitability improve, shedding light on how good this stock could be.


ABB Ltd. makes and sells products for robotics, motion and industrial automation. In terms of the company’s performance, the year 2022 started very positively. The company has made some important decisions that will boost sales. Well, you wouldn’t want to miss the high return, would you?

UiPath Inc.

While this is a novice to the market, the performance has been phenomenal – so much so that the investors are strongly inclined to it. The fact that many investment advisors such as Wells Fargo and Cowen are optimistic about UiPath Inc. speaks volumes about the potential this robotics stock has.

Novanta Inc.

Novanta Inc. has gained wide recognition for supplying electronic equipment and instruments to original equipment manufacturers. Yet another reason why this stock is unique and worth investing in is that an overwhelming majority of its stock is owned by institutional investors.

Omnicell, Inc.

Omnicell, Inc. is also known for providing automation solutions. The sector served is that of the health industry. Industry experts also believe that Omnicell, Inc. is a pretty good trend in robotics right now.


iRhythm as a medical device company grabbed the eyeballs for its Zio Patch heart monitoring system. This company has a market capitalization of approximately US$3.5 billion. The services are cost effective which is why the company has attracted attention everywhere. No wonder stock prices would skyrocket.

Zebra Technologies

This is a very well known company specializing in the automation space. Zebra Technologies is known for developing mobile computing devices to help a company’s employees work more effectively and efficiently. With a market cap of approximately $32 billion, the company has already carved a niche for itself.

Intuitive Surgical Inc.

This robotics company offers robotic-assisted, minimally invasive surgical equipment and solutions. Intuitive Surgical Inc. is a global technology company with a market capitalization of approximately $130 billion.

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