Top 10 GPT-3 Powered Applications You Need to Know in 2022

by Disha Sinha
Apr 15, 2022

GPT-3 powered applications

GPT-3 powered applications aim to automate workloads for better productivity

GPT-3 powered applications have been thriving in the global tech market in recent years from the home of OpenAI. It is also known as Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 as an autoregressive language mode for leveraging deep learning for human-based texts. There are thousands of companies that have started using this AI model of OpenAI to complete the workload efficiently. OpenAI has trained this AI model on a huge text corpus with over 175 billion parameters to become the largest language model. Multiple GPT-3 powered applications are available on the web for more efficient services. A GPT-3 powered tool consists of several functions to attract business leaders. So let’s take a look at some of the top ten OpenAI GPT-3 powered applications in 2022.


Algolia is the best search and discovery platform for a business, empowering builders to build premium experiences. It provides consumers with seamless access to product catalogs through this AI model of OpenAI, GPT-3.


MessageBird provides an omnichannel communication platform with the integration of a GPT-3 powered tool. It helps to improve every interaction while optimizing authentications and video conferencing for marketing and sales. is one of the best GPT-3 powered apps that helps build website apps efficiently and effectively. It helps to generate SQL code in one click and compose an interface visually. It uses this AI model to create an autonomous system for writing software at the level of the most skilled engineers.


Tabulate uses the AI ​​model known as GPT-3 to combine accounting professionals in the industry with proprietary technology to deliver the best financial back office service. It offers accounting, payroll, analytics, accounts payable, tax preparation, and much more.


CopyAI is known as a GPT-3 powered tool to automate creativity tools and efficiently generate marketing copy in a short time. Businesses can use this AI model to copy digital ads, social media content, website copies, e-commerce copies, blog content, and sales copies.

AI channel

AI Channel is one of the best GPT-3 powered apps and social networking platform for artificial intelligence agent collaboration. It helps companies or individuals to engage with the AI ​​model to understand natural language. The interface of the AI ​​Channel app is like a user interface for messaging applications, including a folder of various conversations.

snazzy AI

Snazzy AI is known for the easiest way to create content with GPT-3. Multiple services include landing page creation, copywriting, Google Ads and much more with just three clicks.


Writesonic is one of the well-known GPT-3 powered apps to boost website SEO for driving more traffic. This AI model generates high-quality articles, emails, blogs, landing pages and much more in a short time.


Grok is a popular GPT-3 powered tool that uses the advanced AI model known as GPT-3 to summarize the on-demand and daily digest of subscribed channels. It can summarize the last 30 messages in any Slack channel with the Grok Conversation Summary.


OthersideAI provides HyperWrite, one of the best GPT-3 powered applications as the most powerful document editor to compose beautiful content in minutes. It uses the most advanced AI model to efficiently and effectively write content. This GPT-3 powered tool helps to customize texts as longer, shorter, informal, formal and much more.

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