Top 10 cryptocurrencies to buy before it hits the moon

by Disha Sinha
November 24, 2021


The term “gets to the moon” is a profitable term in the cryptocurrency market for crypto investors. This means that cryptocurrencies will hit the moon with their skyrocketing prices. Sometimes the crypto influencer, Elon Musk, has influenced some cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin, Bitcoin and altcoins to send cryptocurrency prices to the moon with his cryptic tweets. Thus, digital wallets can make a profit if crypto investors can buy some cryptocurrencies before it hits the moon. Let’s take a look at some of the best cryptocurrencies to buy before they hit the moon.

Top cryptocurrencies to buy before going to the moon


As the most favorable cryptocurrency in the highly volatile cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin is set to hit the moon in the near future. It is estimated that 2022 will experience US$100,000 after hitting an all-time high of reaching US$65K in 2021. It has attracted countless crypto investors as well as some of the top educational institutions have started accepting this cryptocurrency for payment procedures.


There is speculation that Ethereum will surpass Bitcoin in the near future and crypto investors should buy this cryptocurrency before it lands on the moon. It is a global open source platform that develops and implements DApps for efficient transactions. Crypto investors are waiting for Ethereum to exceed Bitcoin’s market cap in the future with programmable money and smart contracts. The price can go up to $10K to make a profit in crypto investor digital wallets.


Dogecoin has Elon Musk with him to go to the moon. Crypto investors should be careful before investing in Dogecoin due to its cryptic tweets. Elon Musk actually launches a Dogecoin mission to the moon with SpaceX in 2022. The announcement has boosted the price of cryptocurrency and is expected to reach bullish momentum above US$1 in the near future.

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu has reached a new record in November 2021 and will join the top ten cryptocurrencies in the volatile cryptocurrency market. The media contribute a lot to the rising demand for this cryptocurrency. The bullish position has testified to the rising popularity that could break new records in the near future. Thus, crypto investors can buy this cryptocurrency before it hits the moon and make profits in digital wallets. Elon Musk has also started influencing cryptocurrency prices with his tweets. The team is focused on building more use cases with Shiba Inu to continue the price growth.

to tie

Tether is one of the best cryptocurrencies ready to go to the moon in the near future. Crypto investors should buy this cryptocurrency before it hits the moon, despite it being a stable US$1 coin. Tether is expected to fall within a range of US$1.01 to US$1,599 by 2022 through of algorithm-based predictions. It won’t rise by more than a few cents, but it guarantees profits in digital wallets because it resists volatility.


Monero could significantly increase the price of cryptocurrency and be poised to hit the moon in the near future. It is because of its massive adoption within the crypto investor community. Crypto investors are expecting a sharp rise in price despite a low market cap. It is known as a privacy-focused blockchain network that is impossible for investors to decipher addresses trading Monero.


Algorand is focused on the future of finance with the world’s first pure proof-of-stake fundamental blockchain. It enables a set of high-quality Layer 1 blockchains to provide security and scalability with utmost privacy. The Algorand token is expected to reach the average price of $1.90 with $3.11 in 2022. This is one of the cryptocurrencies to be bought before it goes to the moon.


Solana is expected to reach US$278 in the near future and an increase in the cryptocurrency price. Crypto investors have come to check out Solana for its smart functionalities with the current price of US$215.44. A sustained increase can be seen in the near future. This will allow crypto investors to buy this cryptocurrency before it lands on the moon in 2022.

Chain link

Chainlink is popular because it is an open-source technology that connects smart contracts with off-chain data and services. It provides tamper-proof inputs and outputs with calculations in a highly secure and flexible infrastructure. LINK is known as the native cryptocurrency of Chainlink which can show price increase with stability and flexibility.


Cardano’s current price is US$1.68 with CoinMarketCap ranking in sixth position. Cardano is designed to ensure that owners can participate in the network activities with smart contract functionalities for the blockchain. This cryptocurrency is expected to reach US$3 by the end of 2022, as well as US$5 in 2024. Thus, crypto investors can expect to buy it before it goes to the moon in the future.

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