To the periphery and beyond, says Supria Dhanda Country Manager, India, Western Digital

I want to imagine a future where digital life is coupled with efficient decision making based on fast data processing – smart people living in a smart world! As the world accelerates towards ubiquitous digital integration, a well-structured state-of-the-art IT architecture has become an imperative.
Today, technological developments such as IoT and AI have become ubiquitous – from autonomous vehicles and intelligent traffic management to adaptive learning – producing petabytes of data.
Here, I’d like to see cutting-edge computing transform the way we live, processing data closer to the source on a much larger and more efficient scale – helping machines make real-time decisions, improve performance. response time and save bandwidth.
For this to become a reality, we must capture, preserve and process data to unleash the vast and hidden value of data. We must continually innovate to bring ultra-fast, high-capacity storage solutions to consumers and businesses.

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