TikTok star splits internet by eating whole fish on plane

In a move that stunned her followers, a TikTok travel star filmed herself eating a whole fried fish on a flight.

“Am I the only one bringing a full meal like this on the plane?” Travel blogger Kevine McMillan (who posts as @mcmillansonthego) captioned the video that divides.

But she started a debate that was less about airplane picnics and more about the label of bringing hot dishes – like a whole cooked fish – into an enclosed space.

“No theft list now,” commented one subscriber.

“Lord, let her never be on one of my flights with fish, she’ll meet the not-so-nice me,” replied another.

“I don’t mind people bringing a meal with them, but fried fish?” Read another of the 93 comments.

The comments from its 10,000 subscribers became so vivid that McMillan had to come back with a response.

“OK, OK guys… it didn’t last long. I took this video to chat. I know the fish has a smell so it didn’t take long to bother anyone, ”she said.

While the fragrant inflight meal seemed like a real faux pas rather than a farce, this isn’t the first time that a TikTok travel blogger has caused a stir with their eating habits.

Last November, another user of the video content platform, Marcus Monroe, left viewers “squeamish” when he appeared to be cooking a raw steak in an airplane toilet during a flight, at the using a lighter.

“They’re out of hot meals on planes so… I find a solution,” he captioned the video of the prank, which has since been deleted.

Southwest Airlines was even made to tweet after the incident, “We – we have no words. Other than please don’t even think about cooking a steak on one of our flights, ”they wrote in a post which was also deleted after the video was found to be faked.

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