TikTok iPhone Viral Hack Unlocks Internet Listening Dreams

There’s a new iPhone hack that has gone viral on Tiktok that prompts people to imagine ways to use their phones to eavesdrop on conversations they aren’t invited to.

A video of Shield Agents Actress Elizabeth Henstridge asks Tiktok users to question the morality behind a little-known iPhone feature called “Live Listen.”

This is a mode in Apple’s iPhone settings that allows users to eavesdrop on conversations up to 50 feet away. away from their device by using an external Bluetooth enabled device.

While this feature primarily serves as a hearing aid for hearing impaired users, the internet has come up with several creative ways to put extended reach capabilities to the test in their daily lives.

@elizabeth_henstridgeso, basically we’re all spies now ?! Whaaaa? #livelisten #amitheonlyone who didn’t know ?! 😂😳 # actorssoftiktok ♬ original sound – Alex and Jon

Viral Tiktok challenges the morality of iPhone’s live listening feature

When the Henstridge video started blowing up, it didn’t take long for the Marvel star’s comments section to flood with users sharing their experiences with the program or how they would like to use it in the future. .

One of the most nefarious ideas was to listen at the table while you were away: “So at family gatherings, when I walk out of the room, can I hear what they say about me now?” Bet.”

Commentary on the family drama Tiktok

Conversations at the table could turn into very different experiences with the help of overhearing

Likewise, u / Stephanieresists envisioned a world of chaos resulting from the adoption of this technology: “A whole messy trail of marriages and broken relationships in 3… 2… 1…”

Tiktok commentary on the godmothers being ruined by Live Listen How many more cases of infidelity would be exposed by using a program like this? Stephanieresists is betting on this issue.

Someone else added that it was just how SHIELD was watching Henstridge’s Dr Simmons, saying, “It’s Coulson and Fury watching you!”

How to set up live listening on iPhone

Live Listen presents Apple iPhone settings as seen in Viral Tiktok Hack

Interactive live listening settings allow users to control the amount of environment they hear around their device.

If you want to enable the feature for yourself, you’ll need to dive into your settings.

  1. Open the Accessibility menu
  2. Select hearing aids
  3. Locate your device under MFi Hearing Aids
  4. Start live listening

Once you press the button, you can leave your device behind while listening to whatever is happening in the immediate area of ​​your phone.

When you’re done, just click “End Live Listening” to stop streaming audio until you turn it back on.

There is plenty of room to use this feature in practice, but be careful what you decide to listen to – it might be best not to hear it at all.

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