This Samsung ultra-wide gaming monitor is only $580

GameStop has cut the price of the Samsung 49″ super ultra-wide dual QHD monitor from $1199 to $583, saving customers $616 off its typical retail price.

This widescreen, curved monitor is ideal for gamers looking to pick up a bargain ahead of Labor Day — as long as they don’t mind a refurbished model, that is. 

While curved or traditional, straight monitors are a matter of preference, curved screens can often be easier on the eyes when you need to stay at your desk for long periods of time — such as when working. 

For gamers, however, curved screens offer more immersion, and when paired with the right audio setup, can completely change the gaming experience. 

This Samsung model is equipped with a 49″ display at 5120 x 1440. The vendor says that the monitor’s ultra-wide HDR1000 display (32:9 ratio) is equivalent to two 27″ QHD displays side-by-side. In addition, while many monitors typically offer a refresh rate of around 60GHz, this monitor can manage up to 120GHz. 

AMD Radeon FreeSync 2 technology, designed with gamers in mind, has been included to reduce stuttering and latency issues. 

The Samsung 49″ super ultra-wide dual QHD monitor is available at GameStop for $583. Given the high specifications of this monitor, even if refurbished, the product normally goes for $919 — and there’s no saying how long this deal will last.

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