This could be our first look at Intel’s new secret GPU

There has been a lot of interest and speculation about Intel’s Arc Alchemist desktop graphics cards. However, it is possible that Team Blue itself has now inadvertently revealed technical specifications for the flagship model (Arc A780) of its upcoming GPU family for desktops.

As reported by 3DCenter and VideoCardz, it appears that Intel’s presentation video for Arc Control gave us our first insight into what to expect from one of the company’s discrete desktop GPUs.

A view of Intel's Arc Alchemist desktop GPU.

For reference, Arc Control is a program that allows people to access Arc Alchemist GPU driver updates and a game library, as well as control in-game performance. The video gives an overview of the various functions of the application.

GPU Power, GPU Clock and VRAM Clock were all shown in the presentation, which are elements that can be displayed via Arc Control. The video also frequently referenced a Performance tab detailing GPU performance.

But 3DCenter saw a segment where the specs are rather peculiar: they aren’t related to the Arc GPUs recently introduced for laptops. Specifically, a certain part of the video displays a GPU clocked between 2200MHz and 2250MHz.

That particular detail in itself could still refer to a mobile Arc Alchemist GPU. After all, as VideoCardz aptly emphasizes, the Arc A350M Geekbench benchmark reveals that it can offer a 2.2GHz GPU clock, albeit via a boost.

A chart shows the rumored technical specs for Intel's Arc Alchemist A780 desktop GPU.
Image source: Intel/VideoCardz

However, the GPU power for this mysterious graphics card stands at 175 watts. So far we know that the Arc A770M model for laptops is the only GPU to come close to that figure with a power consumption of 150 watts.

And 3DCenter also points out that the 175W figure is directly attributed to GPU power, which could technically be boosted by other components of the card. With this in mind, this particular GPU could exceed the 200W mark.

Credibility to the assumption that this board could very well belong to Intel’s desktop family is the fact that the aforementioned GPU power number has been leaked for the SOC1 GPU (ACM-G10) for desktop components, according to VideoCardz.

Further bolstering the idea that these specs are indeed attributed to Intel’s flagship Arc Alchemist A780 desktop graphics card is an observation about the VRAM clock speed. Since it is shown as a speed of 1093 MHz, the overall speed will reach more or less 17.5 Gbps. In comparison, Intel’s high-end mobile GPU maxes out at 16 Gbps.

If the reports are to be believed, Intel is gearing up to launch its Arc Alchemist desktop GPUs in May. Team Blue has already teased the upcoming graphics cards via an official look at the board’s design.

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