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Two Lego minifigures - one smirking and one happy.  Blue background.  Shot in the studio.

Minifigures are an essential part of the LEGO experience, allowing us to enjoy a variety of characters in addition to iconic blocks. Although they may not seem like the most complex component, the manufacturing process is actually quite complex, as LEGO revealed in a fascinating video.

LEGO has perfected the entire minifigure assembly process, which is why the company can so easily create minifigures for its own proprietary set ideas, like Fairground and Summer Celebration, as well as popular franchises, like Marvel Studios. , Looney Tunes, Hogwarts students from Harry Potter world, and more.

Since LEGO minifigures are toys that most of us loved to play with growing up, it’s a pleasure to watch the creation process in this exciting video:

The video begins by showing hundreds (if not thousands) of blank figurine heads sorted in a line of automation. From there, a face is painted by a machine that can print 23,000 heads per hour. Then the heads gain a painted body and outfit, and possibly arms, hands, legs, and any accessories they might need, like hats.

The process also includes packaging the figurines and printing the appropriate label that you will see in stores. And while the video only shows the process of creating the more “standard” yellow figures, we’d still be curious to see how non-standard models are made for unusual creatures, like Chewbacca or IG-88 from star wars for example. Either way, we love them and can’t see what LEGO minifigures are imagining next!

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