These new photos of Steve Harvey are making the internet blush

We don’t call it family feud, but Steve Harvey seems to be heading for model daughter Lori Harveythe fashion domain.

The game show host has taken the internet by storm in recent weeks with photos of his latest designer sets– and we’re not the only ones impressed by his style evolution. Fans on social media have praised the 64-year-old, who has worn everything from Bottega Veneta leather pants to a pink silk Tom Ford suit (with a matching embellished blazer) for the past few days.

In fact, his inspirational OOTD posts have become an event of sorts – as one fan joked on Twitter: “Honey wake up, new Steve Harvey photo has fallen.” But maybe another social media user said it best, write“He just won’t stop lighting the fire.”

Since the comedian is known for filling an impressive number of jobs at once, fans are wondering if he’s taking on another venture. As a Twitter user mused, “Steve Harvey fashion influencer era?”

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Steve and his super stylish wife, Marjorie Harvey, 57, are currently having the time of their lives while on vacation in Paris. And with the help of Steve’s stylist Elly Karamoh, the newly crowned fashion icons of the Parisian streets are making their own runways.

Meanwhile, the internet is doing what it does best, turning Steve’s ‘fits and influencer-esque poses’ into countless LOL worthy memes.

And we’re constantly innovating here to see what he does next.

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