The Shark AV752 ION robot vacuum has dropped to $129

Vacuuming can be time consuming and a lot of work, especially when you have to lug around a large heavy vacuum. Worse yet, no one likes to trip on the cords. If you haven’t tried a robot vacuum yet, this handy tool cleans up your floors so you don’t have to, and the Shark AV752 ION is one of the best. It’s also on sale for its lowest price to date at $129.

The Shark utilizes three brushes to clean a variety of surfaces, from tile to carpeting, while keeping your floors clean. You can feel easy knowing that the brushes are soft against hardwood floors, too.

Plus, the Shark can sense objects, taking care to avoid stairs and bumps. With the ability to communicate with it via hands-free voice controls with Alexa or Google Assistant, you can also make sure it gets every last speck of allergens and dirt from your floors. Or, simply use the accompanying app to let it know when you run — even when you’re not home.

The Shark AV752 ION runs for up to 120 minutes on a single charge, and with over 7,600 ratings averaging 4.3-stars on Amazon, it’s a trustworthy tool to use in your home when you don’t have time – or don’t want – to vacuum.

Right now, the vacuum is priced at $129, which is its lowest price ever. With Amazon Prime Day coming up, we don’t expect this vacuum to drop any further, as it seems this is one of Amazon’s early Prime Day deals for robot vacuums. If you want to pick it up, we recommend doing it sooner rather than later, as stock is limited.

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